Friday, January 05, 2007

wake me up when september ends

heard this song at bala tonight. really liked it coz it mentioned the month September. hee, my birthday month. anyway, it's really the beat that i am into thought it's pretty much the same throughout the whole song. but it's cool.

caught up with DH, Cece, CK, Brandon, Patrick and DH's pal. yup, we (actually only cece and me) were so comfy on the couch that our butts were like melted into it. yeah, it was just such a good way to relax after a busy work day.

we ate, drank, laughed, crapped, gossip and complained. DH ta-ed the sambal sauce for the sotong, piangz it was pretty amazing but too bad i went to pee.

talked about the on coming trips that we are planning to go to. Lao's the first in the line up, followed by F1 in Sepang, then Club Med Cherating, the major trip of the year Spain, then Hong Kong and if i could possibly squeeze in Japan this year, i'd totally fulfilled many travel plans this year.

with the many plans, obviously loads of Vit M is seriously required. maybe i should be happy with just 3 trips. hmm, we'll see how it goes coz planned plans never usually materialized. haa~

i gotta live without air con for a week, i am so dead!


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