Wednesday, January 03, 2007

House M.D

i did a marathon on House M.D on Monday night to Tues morning at like 4.30am and then continued on Tues late afternoon, through to 1am Weds morning. it sure is a captivating series, or is it just me and med dramas (i love Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs real funny and ER..err a tad boring)? wouldn't have gotten House if it wasn't mentioned by someone. ahhh...but the dude's hardly wrong with his tastes and recommendations. Miharu was great and so are his comic reads.

That was how i vegetated the past two days watching HOUSE M.D.

i think i overdosed on the series. i started to think i might have some health problems which i wasn't aware of. i started to feel the strain in my neck coming back and there was this episode where one patient had stiff neck that lead to something else. i felt that my limbs were heavy and couldnt really move. do i need an MRI? a full body scan? hmm...what's exactly wrong with my neck? is it gonna lead to something else? Omg, i am starting to have some transient paresthesia on my fingers and they were starting to get numb?! ok, too much detailed med dramas tends to get into one's brains!! Oh no, call a code blue!!

paranoia aside, the series is really good.

Hugh Laurie's conversations are extremely witty, absolutely funny and totally sarcastic..all the time!! It's either him or the script writers.. haa!


Cameron: "You're lucky he didn't die."
House: "I'm lucky? He's the one who didn't die."

Really makes me laughed like crazy. I'm sure Gail will share my sentiments. She's already at season 2. I am just at episode 5 of Season 2.

anyway, the show deals with medical symptoms which seemed like there are no answers/cures as to why patients had what they have and what treatment to use. so here comes HOUSE (Hugh Laurie) the brillant doctor with a not so brilliant attitude and along with his team which is made up of 3 younger med docs, Cameron, Chase and Foreman to diagnose what's happening to all these people.

Read more at the House home page

now that Prison Break is getting slightly boring and i am totally Lost on LOST. Along comes HOUSE M.D which got me into that marathon over the long weekend. it's one cool show for a very cool day.

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