Monday, August 07, 2006

what a single girl needs..


so she can zip here and there in the shortest time and not be pissed with the passengers in MRTs and buses.

*money* they say, money makes the world goes round...she'll never have to be worried about what she will not be able to do...

*lots of single girlfriends*

yup...they are the ones who will be there with her when she needs a listening ear, see her cry and cry with her, add comments on her blog, and zip her around in their cars, ask her out when they have activities, motivate her to join courses or yoga or healthy stuff..whatever she has to say, think or do, they will be the ones she can count on.

*lots of single guy friends as well*

they are the ones who'd intro more single guy friends, the people who cracks her up when there's a need to..or erm when there isn't a need. they show the single girl the other side...the male world in fact...they are also the ones whom she can count on (erm hopefully?!) to send her back when she is drunk (and err hopefully they aint drunk before her!!)

*to travel more*

see the world...go anywhere and the her eyes to everything else that she has never seen.

*a good beauty routine*

manicures, pedicures, massage, products that suits her skin...yeap...all these to make her look good at all times...take note dont have to be expensive products..


loads of beauty sleep. clear her thoughts and rest fully!

not arranged in any order, just random thoughts...

yah...and now i need my beauty sleep and rest...

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