Saturday, August 05, 2006

falling sick..

never sneezed so much in my whole life. when i started sneezing for two times consecutively, i was thinking that someone was seriously thinking of me and missing me like crazy..haa..of coz my logical side thinks that i am actually really falling sick.

you know you are falling sick when your nose feels fuzzy. the inner top of your mouth feels sore and raw...and of coz, sneezing non stop for a couple of minutes. then you'd feel tired. need to rest. very much not yourself.

yup..i have all these symptoms..and it's such a freaking waste of my leave if i were to fall sick...darn...what happened? Too many late nights? Not enough booze? Hmm..sang too many songs? Errmmm..was it the mic that had all the virus...sheesh...i need to stay healthy...loads of juice tomorrow i guess...i was so looking forward to my leave...i'm not about to waste it. had tons of plans..sighz...

*cross fingers*

more sleep, less late nights and loads of H20.

and B knew what C2H5OH..haa..expected..

*eyes closing* i come..haa...if only my addiction is just beside me...


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