Tuesday, August 08, 2006

reality shows

with 'Project Runway' almost over, was wondering which other program can rival this bitchy and fashionably interesting show. Was about to fret that nothing they show on TV will be any better, out pops 'America's Next Top Model' (ANTM)!! Alrighty!! Hurray..more bitching and cat fights heh...the trailer's already very enticing!!

Haa..but it's gonna be on a Monday slot...so...it's taking over 'Desperate Housewives'! Hmm...so what's Mediacorp gonna put up after 'Project Runway'?

My guess: it's either 'Amazing Race' or 'Survivior'...or may be they'd come up with something else? Let's see..

Talk about reality shows, 'Project Superstar' season 2 is coming back!?! Feel like taking part..haha...wonder what it's gonna be like...let me go on more rounds of KTV first to see how it goes..haha i would very much like to be in it..

today's the 2nd day of my leave...so far...have been nuahing and running small errands...swimming and drinking shit load of grapefruit juice...i am still having blocked nose in the mornings...usually i wouldn't and am still sneezing occasionally..darn...some big illness to come soon? Better pack on the Vit Cs man..

i'm becoming a bed potato...something like a couch potato, just that i watch TV lying on my bed..which faces the TV...hee...i should change my TV to some huge LCD tv...then i'd forever stay at in bed, become fat and die in bed..haha..that's a scary thought..anyhow...yeah...too many shows to watch and the bonus is they are showing 'X-men' cartoon from Mon to Fri on Kids Central...currently they are showing the 'Phoenix Saga'...the part i missed long time ago...excellent!!

Zipping off to watch Kids Central...they have loads of cartoons...i guess it's a better alternative to Animax...unfortunately...

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