Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PS Cafe - MUST GO!!!

SC's a cancer!! hmm...i was wrong...but...we clicked..indeed. Zipped off to Dempsey around 7ish...had lots of laugh whilst chatting in the car...haa...was already fun..

we were lucky!! SC and me managed to get a place at PS Cafe without reservations!! Actually, PS stands for Project Shop...yup, it's a cafe run by the Project Shop people. It's really different from the one at Paragon, well, the design that is. As for the menu, i believe it should be the same.

the restaurant was neatly tucked away amongst many trees and bushes...very quaint, very cosy...lots of glass...it's really beautiful! Would have looked like 'The Lake House' sans the concrete wall and it's not near a lake...the nearest water feature is a man made pond where we parked the car...yet..the brick wall painted starck white from the outside makes the place very inviting. yup, fell in love with the place before i even enter.

the soft, warm light creates a really comfy atmosphere. one can easily settle in...regardless you were sitting at the area that's solely for drinks and chill, or that you are dining at the main hall...everything's really unpretencious...the parquet floor, the tables, the very comfy chairs...they are excellent combinations that draws one even more to the place..and i absolutely love the bold coloured walls where they write the menu on...and their desserts were written in a humogous blackboard!! Very cool.

They have outdoor sitting as well. It looks very casual and have awesome and amazingly chill out looking chairs...next time we'd try the outside. Less noisy we gathered...but will prolly be feeding mozzies..

the servings are huge. we ordered the beef, mushroom and bacon ragpot and flamed prawn pasta. i love the flamed prawn pasta!! The prawns were really fresh! They glistened in the soft light and were slightly crunchy. Very flavourful and yummilicious!! The cream base is not too overwhelming. The cheese they topped it up with, adds on a distinct taste but still blends well on the whole.

the ragpot is too much for one person to finish. remember to share. 3 girls can share one in fact. the beef was tender and the mushrooms' soaked up the entire essence of the stew. the dressing for the side salad had a weird taste though, i just couldn't figure out what it was...

we ordered the mango banana crumble...managed to dig somemore room in both our tummys for desserts! No regrets! The pie came really hot, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream placed on a small side cup...we put the ice cream on top of the hot crumble and digged in...oh my gosh!! Everything just melts in your mouth! It was the absolute comfort food!! Man...it's delicious and i'm in heaven!! It's a must try!!! Imagine...warm banana, crumbly pie and some warm mango...mixed with cold vanilla ice cream...you have to try it!!!

the price is a bit on the high side...both of us spent 85 bucks in total...so be prepared...cocktails are priced higher and drinks like martinis or magaritas costs $18...but if it's a once in a month you wanna indulge in food day, i suggest PS Cafe anytime...take note they are closed on Mons...no lunch except for weekends from 9.30am to 3pm. Weekdays they open at 6pm!

although it was a Tues, it sure made both our day. great first outing..good company and many many laughs! We must do it again SC...next time to Barstop...heh! Thanks for the ride home!!

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