Wednesday, August 02, 2006

project runway

my pick for the 3 designers going to the finals:

1) Daniel
2) Chloe
3) Santino

as much as i dislike Santino, he just has this luck with him...almost every week you see his lousy designs walking down the runway and god knows who will wear them, and he always, ALWAYS get through the next round. Plus, he's damn irritating! I love Nick's designs, but pity he had to leave last week.

was never really impressed with Cara. Can't even remember her designs...let's see what she cooks up with this week.

Chloe's my fave. her designs are really simple, but they have their creativity tucked somewhere...wearable and elegant...most importantly...simple..

Daniel has his plus points as's his attention to details that makes him stands out but i was totally disappointed for the dress he made for Chloe, makes her look ugly and the design was not innovative at all...

let's see if i am right...freaking tiring day today...mind's too bogged up to update on anything else...been typing and sending too many emails today...sighz..

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Chuck Cheng said...

yah, if you have followed cable, the final 3 is daniel, sanito and chloe.. every thursday at 10 pm. tom is the final.. must watch....