Sunday, July 23, 2006


did the unthinkable yesterday

i rubbed salt onto the ulcer in my mouth. i figured that i'd rather be painful for just one time than to have the nagging pain every minute and every hour. so...i rubbed tiny bit of salt onto the ulcer. was denial to that...when the salt was rubbed, within a few seconds the signal was sent to my brain and my brain was shouting...pain, pain, pain...tears start to well and i was like...freaking painful! The pain subsided in a couple of minutes and i felt better.

rubbed the salt another time in the evening, this time, it wasn't that painful. Woke up today, i felt much better...the ulcer is still there, but can feel that it's healing..

kudos to me for daring to do the salt rubbing thingy! Haa...

now i can go to the royal palace and eat as much food as i like for the prince's birthday...heee!!

for's Nihon Jikan...=)


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