Saturday, July 22, 2006


i got another of my craving fixed last night!

despite my ulcers and the hole from my wisdom tooth extraction, i bought KFC. Yup...Kentucky Fried Chicken...i had to eat it! I had this craving for like the past two weeks and i just didnt have the chance to eat it. I was getting out of bugis and the thought struck. Since i was going to walk to the bus stop, KFC is just opposite, i shall go and get my fried chicken! Though, i had second thoughts since it's like oily, fatty and most unhealthy, i went ahead and i knew i couldnt resist when the fragrance of ultimately sinful chicken struck my nose...i lost it and succumbed to temptation..haa

here here, don't gasp in astonisment...sometimes a girl just need some sinful stuff to make her whole again..haha...

anyway i had problems eating the chicken..not enjoyable but definitely comforting..hee...loved it and wished i had order maybe another piece! Satisfying indeed...a good company for stay home fridays!

new receipe delicious porridge and very healthy!


unpolished rice
ikan bilis
bonito flakes
canned topshell
one teaspoon of japanese salad sauce


soak the unpolish rice overnight (optional) can cook immediately just that you have to cook quite long.

boil the ikan bilis (tastier if you use the head as well but will be slightly bitter) and bonito flakes for 15 mins at least to get a good stock.

drain and use the stock to cook the unpolish rice. depending on how dry you want the porridge then add the amount of stock to it.

whilst waiting, chop the topshell into small bits...add japanese salad sauce and put in fridge.

once unpolished rice is cook, take topshell out and lay it in serving bowl first, thereafter, put in the unpolished rice porridge and mix.

can add grated parmesan cheese on top to make it extra yummy!!

It was my ad hoc lunch today coz mum didnt buy me breakfast and i had to be innovative to fill my tummy...hee..


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