Saturday, July 29, 2006


zipped to town for sashimi/japanese buffet at akira. due to some delays, Sharon, darling and gf were late. i waited for them for about 20 mins...reading 'allure' magazine...i guess we were kinda full...the buffet wasn't exactly worth it as we didnt really eat a lot...darling managed to get a reservation at zipped off to rochester after our very late dinner..

rochester was fully seated...we managed to get a seat uber close to the spining fact, we were at the table just beside was uber loud and we were talking uber loud too...just couldn't hear one another...darling wanted to order wine as the girls were pretty confident that the chivas gals weren't there anymore...however, with lady luck always on his side, the chivas gals appeared outta the blue...and the dude actually ordered a bottle of premium chivas...darn...i had to work the next day...and since we ordered a premium, they allowed us four polariod we took a group pic and darling being the boss got to take pics with each of us...haa...he looked like a little boy when i took the pic with him...i looked so darn old...sheesh!

anyhow..the main story is this...darling's funny story in fact...back in the days of 1999, when he was in the army and in foxtrot company...he lost loads of weight after two weeks of training. That day when he booked out, he went home and was happy to greet his parents and ah ma...and of course his german sherperd...darling must have looked completely different coz his dog couldnt regconise him, dashed towards him and bit his right thigh refusing to let go of him...poor darling was sent to hospital...fearing that the dog had bitten him at somewhere where the survival of the next generation was highly dependent on the particular part being intact and all...he didnt dare look and he mentioned that he sorta cried...anyhow...the doc said he was damn lucky...and told him that the wound was actually superficial...'what the fuck, how can it be superficial when a cotton bud can go so deep?!' said was hilarious...what made us laughed even more was when the next day he returned to camp...he was stopped by his CSM whilst walking into camp...

CSM: 'What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you walk so slow?'
Darl: 'I got injured.'
CSM: 'Where you kenar injured? Show me!'
(D started to unbutton his pants and was about to unzip)
CSM: 'What the fuck are you doing? Why are you taking off your pants?'
Darl: 'Bec this is where i got injured.' (D showed CSM his injury)
CSM: 'Knn, how the hell did you get injured there?'
Darl: 'Got bitten by a dog.'
CSM: 'Where the dog come from?'
Darl: 'It was my dog!'

piangz...freaking laughed till pengz!! Darling's damn funny...he says the funniest things we always had loads of's always great to chill with all the weird and interesting stories...

got more stories to blog...but i gotta go zzz...later have to work...haizzz....

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