Monday, July 24, 2006 know anything about...

the day started like this...walked into office happy coz i had enough rest, but was stopped by a CPO.

CPO: know anything about ABC program?
Me: Erm...what happened? (being part of operations, i can't say i don't know)
CPO: I tried launching the program many times but it just doesn't load.
Me: Did you try rebooting the comp?
CPO: I tried many times.
Me: And nothing works?
CPO: Yup.

*tried all possible means, but the program just doesn't load*

Me: Can you try to restart your comp again?
CPO: Oh just restart ah?
Me: Yup.
CPO: Oh okay, i havent tried restarting...


anyway, the problem was pretty major and something out of the blue. no one came across this problem before. worse of was one woman operation as the king was away and CH was in a meeting...i had my hands full and that wasn't the only not a typical Monday...but pretty interesting though...and of coz it's a test...hmm...i guess i passed somewhat ok..

Sharon msged me yesterday.

S: Want to watch Lake House?
C: Ok. When?
S: Weds?
C: Huh, next day have to work leh. Weds open liao meh? Thought only Thurs open?
S: Yup, checked liao. Cathay showing on Weds.
C: Hmm..then what we doing on Fri?
S: Meet your darling and gf lor...
C: Huh meet them go where?
S: Rochester i guess? He like miss the place so much..
C: He miss the Chivas girl lah..can we go elsewhere?

And weekend is filled again..haa..guess i'd go watch the show on Weds, then on Fri go somewhere and chill. Sat will be at Zouk for Labeless fashion show...hmm...but it's not listed in IS or Juice leh...wonder if Sharon got the dates wrong...the week after, have a house warming and a wedding dinner...then the week after that ck's 30th birthday...wah sehz...freaking flooded... BUT...if HWSNBN happened to ask me out any one of these days...Yes HWSNBN...YOU! IF you ask, i shan't hesitate..haa...i'd meet you for sure...regardless...LOL...some friend i am...heh..

time to zzz for now...extremely tired...oh and it took a bloody long time to launch the blogger page..and i got GODIVA chocolates from BBWC!! Haa...branded but wonder if it's as nice as ROYCE...and i managed to get the song in 'The Lake House' trailer...'Somewhere Only We Know'...thanks to dear Ed for sending the song to me. I bought the 'Pure Accoustic' album also...been playing it in office practically everyday...

really going to zzz now...fullstop...


RegineSharon said...

1st... no wonder call u no answer... hiah...
2nd... then what's going to happen to me next week?! not like my HWSNBN will call?!?!?!
3rd... friday, your darling already agree to go Wine Co.. so guess.. Wine Co is it! will try to reserve table under my client's name... get disc.. haha!! but your darling say our treat n me super broke after the you-know-what treatment...
4th.. call me when u free... haha!!

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