Saturday, July 08, 2006

Iguana and others...

had 4 jugs of frozen magaritas...they had all kinds of flavour. we tried mango, strawberry, soursop and pink guava. mango's still the best! anyway, thus far, their magaritas still the best i've tasted. not too bitter and the kick sets in really late. haa...and i woke up with a headache. it's either coz i didn't have enough sleep and the freaking sky was too bright to continue to with my sleep making me really cranky or it was the effect of the magarita.

the food's really spicy! gosh, have never eaten such hot chilli! When i first put the food into my mouth, it was nothing, just tasted the food. Subsquently, like 30 secs later, my tongue started to burn a little..then it got hotter and hotter...and the heat moved up to my cheeks and then my eyes got teary!! Wah sehz...slow and steady...the spicyness just creeps slowly to you...but occasionally...haha it's fun to get 'burnt' like that..haa crazy me! Next time i must order the mussels...i had one and regretted i didn't order it. Teo lo ye ordered this plate of big, succulent and juicy mussels and i had one...and i swear i will order it next time! I MUST coz i regretted not seeing that dish in the menu!!

It's quite a simple dish i must say. Coz it's prolly stirred fried with garlic and butter, with some corriander and some stock to simmer for a short while and it's served. The one i took looked plump and succulent. pretty bouncy too. When i put it inside my mouth and took a bite...the juice...or should i say the essence of the mussel just oozes out! It was heaven!! And i was filled with regret!!! I WANT THOSE MUSSELS!!!

and we saw dh's seh look prolly for the first time. the last time he was high he was talking louder than usual and kept saying that he was high. this time i think he was trying very hard to act sober and became rather slient and we all wonder if he was ok.

our club med trip has gone to ashes...fully booked that weekend coz it's filled with taiwanese as it was their holiday the task is being assigned to Teo lo ye to make the arrangement for another holiday for us. He had siammed many years, this time, we are all pressuring him to come up with a last minute trip for us all...and well...he has his promfrets and ku-nings to help's like his very own concierge service...anyway..we specified we wanted resort, sun and maybe some horseback riding...okie...let's hope the trip happens!

our 10th anniversary is coming soon! Yes this SIM group has known one another of like 10 years!! We are looking at next July. Mich, Jeanne and moi have 'volunteered' to plan a BIG bash to somewhere really cool where we can drink, party and shop like crazy. We decided on Spain. Mango, Zara, Ibiza, El Bulli. It's bound to be wild! However, not all the guys are excited and those who are married looked a bit duh~. Anyhow, we said we'd plan also for another alternative to a cheaper desination but also party like crazy. haa...most likely BKK! Must say i am excited already! Less shopping and more savings! 2 weeks in London n we come!! Hope my number of leaves increases by then.

but talk about savings, i just bought a dress at mango..argh...i should stop going into mango...EVIL lurks and keeps making me i have a wardrobe full of Mango's the good season i just buy...doesnt happen all the time anyway..

meeting Elena tonight, she's finally back from England!! Paulaners we will be then later go meet Sharon and Jerico to watch soccer and gossip...haa...more beer i guess...woo alkie weekend indeed!

time to sleep again...:)

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