Thursday, July 06, 2006

attitude...i'm disappointed..

kinda disappointed with two staff who are leaving the co soon and who sort of currently reports to me as i am the interim SM...sighz...i made myself the bad person today...i rushed them to finish all back logs...deploying all available resources so as to ensure that they only need to handle the workload for the day before. but alas, not appreciated and met with much resistence.

i hate it when people who are leaving become bo chap. understand that it is human nature, isn't something that should be taken advantage of. it does not reflect well in a person and that people tend to remember the bad things that one has done rather than the good things. i was ready to consider allowing them to perhaps leave one day before their last day with the company, however, the attitude that they have shown really disappoints me. both can come to work late. as late as 10am and leave on the dot with work that aren't finished. i think it is ridiculous. coming late and leaving on the dot, giving me reasons that the work they do cannot be finished? I begged to any case, i have been labelled bad in their minds and i seriously don't care! Jolly well finish the work and leave no back log and please, never smoke you way through...sighz...i hate to bitch about them cos i really think they did their very best, if only they had not have such a mindset. such a pity...

anyhow, had my first beer after ages..yeah...bala with the two evils and the guys...haha entertaining it was...laughed like crazy...thanks to the jokes that Randy cracked!!! Piangz...unbelievable sia...we all laughed till we turned red like lobster...he was on formz man!! Boon did an impression of nien numb..haa..piangz...laughed till i nearly dropped...and we all think that Nigel's new haircut is so much better than the previous!! was great but still one pint of hoegarden aint enough to quench my alkie thirst...over the next two days then...heh...should be better.

missed 'LOST' today...when can i get the DVDS?? It's like getting really exciting...*frownz*

finally friday place don't know how good it is...think i read about it before but cannot remember...hmm...perhaps velvet if's boring...oh wellz..shall see how...oh manz..i am sure i have put back the kgs i lost during the extraction period...had la mian yesterday with side dishes for went jack's place and had steak and lobster bisque and dinner was at sakae coz we had jap food craving...tomorrow mexican...wah lauz...diez...going to get fat i come...but first to my comfy bed...zzz..

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