Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I feel....

coz finally the yearly resort trip is coming up in around two weeks..this year we are going to Club Med if all goes well!! Cannot wait for the sun, sand and sea...and yes to get burnt like never before..and endless pics of sunsets and sunrises and everything and anything...yay!!

the wisdom tooth is still aching as in the extracted part..constant pounding pain, it's irritating..

coz of the ache...i had problem sleeping

like buying 2 cds
Karen Mok's and Jolin Tsai's new album

like eating real solid food

like buying a new watch

sleepy and i need more sleep

like putting up the weird messages i received from friendsters but feel i might be a meanie..well...i am still contemplating

like drinking...been alkie free for a week and more...arghh...

it's time for me to stop and rest...haa...

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