Saturday, June 17, 2006

the pinky doll

This is the Pinky doll that supposedly have some resemblance to me...hmmm...i seriously wonder.

The name of this doll is Tamae. Gail was really nice, when she bought the doll, she showed it to me...and then she said that the doll looked like me...and shortly after, she gave me the doll!! She's so nice!! Haha...we always get stuff for each other... There's like two stuff toys on my work station, a polar bear and a rabbit...they are sooo cute...i got her the polar bear coz she said the rabbit was nice, but the rabbit was out of stock when i wanted to get for her.. so i ended up getting the polar bear... She's really a fun person to work with... makes the time at work pass by faster!! If she's not around, it'd be sooooo boring. I should ask Chun Hong to send me the pics for the DnD then i can put it up!!

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