Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mon-solutions June

i guess this is how people's resolutions fizzle as the months of the new year go by. my MS haitus as i said was either intentional or unintentional. seriously speaking, very likely i had been busy with work and i had no chance to think exactly what i wanted to do for the two months.

i kinda predicted that the month of April was going to awfully crazy and i was pretty right. work occupied most of my time, yet thinking of an ad hoc trip to taiwan kept me going.

May came and went. reminising about Taiwan occupied most of my time and also getting into the reality that the project which lasted 3 long years was finally over needed some adjustment. it's like an actor getting so involved in a role and finding it a tad difficult to move on.

Fortunately, i had the chance to do a strength finder exercise and had the chance to relook into myself again. Secretly, i know i will adjust to the new projects ok it's just a matter of getting the engine started and Taiwan did rejuvenated me somehow. it was a well deserved holiday and i definitely had a great companion!

ok, anyway June MS i have not thought of anything as yet.

In reference to what i wanted to do over the last couple of months like taking up a course etc... i have taken up two courses.

Yoga every Monday (course fee sponsored by my youngest bro in support of my healthy lifestyle - so i guess he does read my blog on and off) and Piano lesson every Thursday. This Thursday will be my first lesson and i have signed up together with Edeline.

Ambitiously, i am considering signing up for Korean class soon. i am also thinking of learning how to make kimchi and other korean dishes!! Soon i'd be an owner of a real life tomato plant.. likely to be this Sunday. All these Korean gaga is because of JGS and the latest Korean drama i am watching which is 食客. All the dishes in the drama are so inspiring! Learning piano has been a childhood dream and am even more inspired after watching Beethoven Virus (also starring JGS)..

Ok so for the month of June, my MS are as such:

Life and health - i shall be less ambitious this month.

1) Go for my Yoga and Piano classes religiously and regularly

2) Try to sleep early on weekdays

3) If point 2 happens, i should have energy to go for BTNR trips again

4) Save even more money (though i think i am doing pretty good on this currently so i must keep up the good work)

5) Finish a book

6) Take more photos

7) Read the papers


I still try to drink a bottle of water regularly and i need to continue to further improve. Bro has agreed to go jogging with me, but he is equally busy this month. We'll see when we'd start. i am thinking of riding bicycle. less impact on the knees.

Let's see what happens this month. :)

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