Sunday, May 02, 2010

Things to do in Taipei - Laundry list

1. Go 鼎泰丰 for XLB!
2. Watch Ip Man 2 in a local cinema
3. Go Beitou for hot spring
4. Go PG mall to look for cheap bags
5. Buy Tie Dan and the milk flavoured Tai Yang Bing for Cece
6. Check out Jay Chou's 不能说的秘密 themed restaurant
7. Check out the school where they shot the show
8. Go for pedi and mani @ Jolin Tsai's shop
9. Go for a hairstyle/colour revamp
10. Go somewhere to chill
11. Go Karaoke at Party World
12. Check out more night markets
13. Go Wu Fen Pu for cheap buys
14. Eat Mister Donut!!!
15. Help Tristian pick up his crystal chicken which is near sogo
16. Help Sharon pick up her skin care items
17. Find dress for AK's wedding
18. Go eat the steamboat recommended by Tiffany
19. Help bro buy 牛肉干 which he mentioned that is supposed to be super dry??
20. Go 85th floor in Taipei 101 to eat Big Tom ice cream for a good view!

that's all for the time being.. will add on if i remember more..

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