Sunday, February 21, 2010

accessorising the phone

i came across something else for the phone. i think this is quite cool. love it for the colours and i have seen quite a lot of people using it. anyway i got myself a peach colour. wonder how would the sound quality be?

will know in a couple of days i gather.

You can click on the below link to go to the page but it is all in Jap.


Alternatively, you can search for this in google. 'ATH-ON300'

I pretty much doubt the one i bought is real. reviews in the website cited that it is fake. well i am spending like 50% off the original price. The above should be the real one. actual price i think is $38. I am getting it for like $13 well, where got original and so good price right?

nevertheless, before i conclude, i will wait for the item to arrive and see if i'm lucky or not.

in the meantime, cannot really wait!! :D

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