Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan's Mon - solutions and starting up on Feb's

not sure how i should do this. as in if i never fulfil my Jan mon-solutions, do i carry them over or add on to feb's list.

i think i will trial and error. For Feb, i will carry them over and make sure i will try to fulfil them so that i can proceed with new MS in the next month..

FEB's list


1) Take a good shower once a week. Including scrubs and exfoliation and putting on lotion.
2) Write 2 letters
3) Go to office on time, if not earlier so can leave on time when the sun is still shiny
4) Rest early - at least 3 times a week and by 11pm
5) Eat right - fruit juice or fruits and vege included

Continue to drink 1 bottle of water per day when at work.


1) No shoes for Feb
2) Buy pillow and quilt
3) Be debt free (excluding credit cards) for this month
4) Credit card spending should not exceed $600
5) Continue to look out for cheap bargains from G Market.

Recapping Jan's list, comments in red for updates


1) Drink a lot of water - finish at least 1 bottle of water during work

- Managed to do this at least 3 times a week, so i will continue this. Water is good to clear away toxins.

2) Pack my room by month end  

- disaster struck when the hanging pole dropped. it was a wake up call to get rid of clothes not worn for a long time. of which i did, but didnt pack much of the room though coz i haven't got my pillow and quilt. supposed to put up new bedsheets by CNY.

3) Rest early - at least 3 times a week and by 11pm

- this i failed miserably. some nights i even stayed up till 4am in the mornings. so not good!

4) Write a letter

- havent managed to, so i'd need to write 2.
5) Eat right - at least 1 fruit juice and some fruits 5 days a week

- managed once or twice a week sometimes more on others, so will still continue to try and do better coz not good enough.


1) Shop for CNY clothes in G market

- managed to do that. got more than enough required. may have overspent here but bigger quantity so can change many times.

2) Can only purchase 1 pair of shoes below $50

- failed. got two and may still need to get 1 more.. for CNY..

3) Big item purchases will be two good quality pillows and a quilt

- havent got them. i think i will only get 1 pillow coz i realised the other pillow i don't usually use.

4) Clear all debts before CNY

- mostly done. a bit more to go.

5) Credit card expenditure should not exceed $600 inclusive of instalment item

- overspent by $400.. still need more discipline.

On a side note, i signed up for a cooking lesson last week and will be attending another lesson on making tiramisu. Thinking of signing up CHI Yoga and see what other cooking lessons will pop up.

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