Saturday, January 23, 2010


there are actually quite a few big names in the movie - Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and William Dafoe. I was quite surprised. the thought of watching this show was ad hoc. was in town with Sook for shopping and she was craving for sweet stuff. so we end up in canele @ isetan scotts and Alvin happened to pass by after buying his very expensive CDs and we decided to catch a show. Wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes but unfortunately not showing anywhere between the 11ish/12ish slots. so we settled for the above.

thought the movie could be something between B grade and slightly sophisticated in certain aspect. well, i was not wrong. humans became vampires due to a virus. vampires with their hunger for blood searched the world for humans who are alive. blood became a rare and expensive commodity, so before the bloody supply run low, vampire scientists were researching for a blood subsitute to prevent blood deprived vampires from becoming some deformed creatures which are a mix between bats and gollum. they are even stronger than the vampires and thus are becoming a threat to the vamp kind.

Ethan Hawke plays Edward (wonder why the character's also call the same name as the Twilight character?) the vampire scientist who doesn't drink blood but had to research for a blood substitute to help save the vampire kind. As pressure rose for him and his team to mass produce the blood sub, time was running short and he met Dafoe through a girl whom he saved. During the encounter, Dafoe shared that he was once a vampire like Ed and because he was tired of being a vampire, he started to do strange things and one day while driving his car, he crashed and got flung out of his car in the day and fell into a river. Thereafter, he turned into a human again. with this new knowledge, they decided to conduct an expriment to prove the theory of exposing vampires to sun and being dosed in time will change them to human again.

of course during the whole course, the humans who survived were killed by the vampire army. Sam Neil who plays the money hungry capitalist whose aim was to mass produce the blood sub regardless if it was going to help or not. in the midst, he even turned his daughter into a vampire which she so hated and thus left him to hide but was discovered by him again.

even though the solution to turn vampires into human again was found, the execution was flawed. another discovery was that if another vampire sucked the blood of those who were turned into human again can also become human. unfortunately, there were only 3 (the 3rd being Edward's brother) converts through this method vs a whole US population of vampire. humans were hunted and 'milked' for blood. so in order to save the girl, the 3 convets had to play hero. brother was killed coz he sacrifice himself and turned a group of army men who sucked him and then the whole scene became a human vampire massacre! it was quite confusing but i thought those who were changed back to human did not want to be bitten but existing vampires and started biting the vampires back. it was crazy! blood flowed/splurted like nobody's biz and head rolled like the neck and head gets detached super easily.

the idea was interesting in the sense that vampires made up the main population, cannot be exposed to sunlight and also address the issue as to what happens when vampires didnt have enough blood supply. it was a very happening take vs the usual vampire stories. it was quite well covered. however, i didnt like the too much blood and violence. also the solution to turn into a human was very nicely thought of since the sun is the source of life and hence the logic was there. very simple actually.

don't have to purposely go watch the show, catch if you got nothing to do..

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