Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weds Sneak - Storm Warriors II

can't imagine that it has been 10 years since Storm Warriors came out to the big screen. My brothers were reading the comics, i tried reading them, but it was too jiang hu for me so gave up quite fast. i was preoccupied more with bleach, naruto and some others.

when i went to watch the first storm warriors, it was.. hmm.. partially crappy (esp when Anthony Wong who was the sword god came floating out from somewhere and everyone started laughing. it was damn hilarious) but seeing Ekin as Wind was quite a treat then. it was kinda entertaining 10 years ago.

a decade later, they decided to show SWII. i guess a production which took such a long time, everyone would expect it to be good if not, super. unfortunately, the show didnt make it for us.

the people who produced the show expected people who wanna catch the show to have read the comic one way or another, coz they probably missed out 0.5 of the storyline. the short and quick summary didnt exactly explain much, just that there's another power hungry, super invincible baddie - Lord Godless (Simon Yam) who wants to rule the whole of China and with the help of a spy eunuch captured the king. Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok) was supposed to help prevent the baddie from gaining world control but to do that, they needed to enhance their skills as the only person who could defeat the baddie had chopped off his arms coz he turned evil after learning some evil skills. So Wind trained under armless man coz he had the potential to control his emotions which was important coz his new skill required him to become one with some demonic force which will turn him evil.

As for Cloud, he went to train under Nameless (who in the beginning nearly managed to break the force field of Lord Godless but failed)

after 3 days, Cloud developed a new sword skill which he asked Nameless to name this since Nameless was Cloud's master. But to Nameless, Cloud's new sword skill was so out of this world that he could not find a suitable name for the skill. after some thoughts, he 'engraved' a Chinese looking character on the mountain (and this part people, i'm sure you are going to laugh yourself crazy) which no one can recognise. this part was as hilarious as the first episode where Anthony Wong came out.

Wind came out earlier than he was supposed to coz LG's people went to kill him and Cloud. Not surprisingly, Wind turned demonic and Cloud had to fight him and at the same time kill LG who was ultimately killed and demonic Wind battled a very injured Cloud, killing also the girl he loved but whom he so nochanlantly ingnored when she was alive.

the ending was as abrupt as 'Twilight - New Moon'. dunno if they are going to wait another 10 years for part 3. by then, i guess Wind and Cloud will be some other actors?

anyway, the start of the show was promising. effects definitely enhanced 100 times, just that they tried too hard to immitate '300' in a low budget sort of manner. ended up, the effects became rather slapstick trying to tell long stories in very haphazard manner. there were also many blackout scenes.. as in the whole screen goes black leaving viewers wondering erm was the roll of film spoilt or? slow mo was also being shown like nobody's business. so imagine, you sit through a movie, with what seems like low budget CG effects, many slow mos and blackout scenes. hmm.. what do you think? At the same time, the theme song sucked. MAJOR! it was terrible and the female leads had so bloodly little scripts which became rather irritating after hearing them keep saying the same thing. it was either 'Brother Wind, are you all right?' or 'Brother Cloud, are you hungry?'. it was so unbearable!!!

so if you wanna go catch the show, i suggest that you may want to wait for it to come out in dvd or maybe just rent it. if you missed it, don't think you will lose much. 

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