Sunday, October 04, 2009

Obolo's Le Cassis

i finally got to visit Obolo after a very very long time. I guess it's coz it's so near to my house i always find it not that necessary to visit.

so today, instead of visiting Cold Storage at Parkway, i decided to head to the CS @ Katong Mall. Primarily also because i wanted to buy 4D and toto from the outlet where i won some bucks from. anyway, that aside, the outlet is damn near to Obolo. i was looking in but could not see the cakes, so i walked away and then thought i needed some nice desserts after dinner, so i headed in.

there were quite a few varieties, but something purple and brown caught my eye. it must be the elegant purple mousse which teased my eyes to return to view it. it has more shade of red than blue and it was dark. i'd like my room to be that colour next time. then i caught the description of 'almond' and further saw an almond, pistachio and two blueberries, i decided that i got to have that for dessert.

Le Cassis is the name and it consists of 4 layers. the top being the black currant mousse, followed by moist dark chocolate almond biscuit layers, rich dark chocolate ganache mousse and crunchy praline feulletine base.

overall, the taste is complicated if eaten in one mouthful. the tartness of the blackcurrant mousse, the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate ganache mousse, the chocolate almond biscuit layers and the base, there's so many flavours and textures coming together. it's very very cheem! so i decided to eat each layer individually and from there, i realised there's a lot of effort put into making each layer. despite the fact that it may not taste that awesome when eaten together, it's really made of quality. so for $7.20 it's quite worth it.

i like the overall presentation very slick and super magical feel to it. i like and did not regret having eaten the chocolate sheet together with the almond, blueberries and pistachio. it's damn good and i'd love my chocolates to taste like that!!

will definitely check out Obolo again and see what it has to offer, though my next target would probably be GOBI when the suntec cafe opens hopefully soon!!

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