Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i hate headaches primarily because it just keeps gnawing away and it's really something that is hard to ignore coz it affects my head. the part where i use to think what i need to do, what deadlines need to be met, what to have for lunch, etc etc. yah the brain.

having a headache since afternoon today. not sure if it's coz of the emails, pressure or simply just the heat and the terrible weather.

anyway, it's a pest that refuses to go away.

like ms lai says, maybe it's a sign.. hah like we are all falling sick.

oh wellz, the world's not going to stop coz we are sick. definitely not the projects.

by hook or crook, the few of us must somehow make miracle happen someday soon.

in the meantime, let me give in to the temptation of swallowing the panadol to get rid of this irritating headache.

some sleep should help too.

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