Sunday, August 09, 2009


as a child, i've always loved helium filled balloons. i always wonder how many of such balloons are needed so that one day i can fly. incidentally, i was watching 'Brainac' just the other day and it takes about 30,070 helium filled balloons to lift an adult male of pretty big build.

imagine how many it will take then to lift a house? oh wellz, doesn't really matter as this only exists in animations such as 'UP'.

Old Mr Fredrickson was a boy once who dreamed of adventures like any other kids. his hero was Charles Muntz, a famous adventurer for bringing back bones of creatures unseen by the world. He was later being called a fraud for making/creating bones of creatures which never existed.

It was the love for adventure and Charles Muntz which brought Carl Fredrickson and Ellie together when they were kids and became husband and wife later where they shared the dream of having a home by Paradise Falls. i like this part of the show where there was no dialogue at all. it was a slow instrumental music which depicted the life of Carl and Ellie through the years and how they were happy with the simple things in life by being together and selling balloons filled with helium for a living. it was the kind of feeling that makes you go 'aWwwWww'.

With Ellie's death, the neighbourhood being bought over by some company which started to revamp the whole area and having injured one of the workers, Carl was asked to moved to an old folks home. so one morning, he decided to filled his home with thousands of balloons and proceed with an adventure to paradise falls. all would be smooth flying had he not met young Russell, who is a boy scout of sorts. hilarious part where Russell knocked on the door when the house was flying in the air. who would have thought (well, yeah if you never watch the trailer) something like that can happen.

from there, their adventure began. from 'siaming' cumilonimbus clouds and with balloons still in tact somehow, to finding a Snipe (which looks like a cross between a parrot, giant ostrich and stork) of which Russell named Calvin when it kept following them around and a talking dog which belonged to an army of dogs bred by Charles Muntz who spent his lifetime finding a Snipe so that he can prove the world had wronged him.

and all these while, Carl and Russell were trying to bring the house to Paradise Falls coz it was just opposite where they were. Charles turned out to be an enemy as he was obsessed with finding the Snipe and found Calvin and was adamant to bring it back to the world. Carl and Russell worked together to stop Charles and it was an exciting scene!

the show will appeal to the young and old as it has elements which everyone and anyone can identify with. Lots of laughter and funny dialogues. Nothing less coming from Pixar. Very enjoyable to watch indeed!

Opted to watch the 3D version, no complains except that the 3D 'glasses' kept slipping down my nose. i guess it's either too big or my nose bridge was too oily. once the 'glasses' started slipping, it just continuously drop and somehow, the 'glasses' fogs up too. the initial scenes were pretty interesting as the images pops up infront of you. however, i think i got used to it and the images don't seemed to pop anymore. Also, because it was contained in the screen, so wow factor no more after probably 30 mins to the show?

I'd wanna watch 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' though. looks damn happening! imagine raining food from the skies :D sounds like fun!


Fen said...

I caught the movie last evening and I was touched, particularly when Mr Fredrickson was flipping through Ellie's adventure album...

I watched Bolt 3D and was so dizzy after that... Think the conventional movie works better for me.

However, watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast in the Omni-Theatre is a wonderful experience.

Love the short Pixar clip, Partly Cloudy before the movie. So cute...

claudine said...

haha yah the partly cloudy got such a nice twist.. i thought the suay bird really left the gloomy cloud, but it went back!! so AWwWwww.. again hehehe