Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swiss roll in a different light!

this entry is very delayed. visited Ion two weeks back and just had to get it. was told that the dry ice can last 4 hours and was skeptical but the roll did made it home together with the whipped cream intact. i still managed to see the liquefied caramel in its deep darkish brown oozing out. that was soooo exciting and i couldn't wait to eat it.

one thing though, i should have asked them to slice it up for me. coz cutting the ultra softy roll was a feat!! even warming the knife with warm water doesn't help as well. it seems so super fragile and when you start cutting it, even more fragile!

let me go straight to the roll. it's soft for sure, the whipped cream is light and very fluff. the taste of the caramel is everywhere, but the saltiness was not that obvious, just tinges here and there. the thing to rave about is that burnt, slightly bitter and sometimes sweet liquefied caramel. the surprise is there were solid bits in it too, so it's woah for me!! i love it!

for $18 a roll it's still expensive. definitely something of an indulgence..


ice said...

Loved it chilled. :)

claudine said...

Hey Ice!! hehe yeah!!! somewhat like ice cream with many different textures :D