Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green Peas and creamy dressing

a recent experiment made me think about why i used to like the KFC vegetable salad so much. though i am not really a green pea person, but i loved that salad. the dressing is likely to be the same as that of the coleslaw, but definitely don't have that strong yucky stale garlic smell. i don't know why they discontinued that vege salad, it was quite depressing and i always opt for mash potatoes for my KFC set meals.

a year back or so, watched the nigella express and she recommended this super fast and yummy green pea mozerella cheese soup. it was yums! super simple, just cook the peas in some stock and then put into the blender and blend the mozerella cheese with the peas and the stock. super fast, done in 10 mins. it's good coz the green peas have some vege sweetness taste to it, the mozerella brought about a slightly cheesey taste. the entire combi comes very well together. you'd be surprised how filling the soup is!!

and the recent experiment i was talking about, i mixed the peas with this slightly spicy japanese mayo mentaiko dressing. it was wonderful!! i happened to chance upon this dressing and it was the last on the shelves, presume it's damn popular! and it must be course not only does it have the usual japanese mayo taste, add the spicy mentaiko bits, wooo.. takes it up a savoury notch and... when you mix it with the green peas, it's simply delish.

this brings about my conclusion. Green peas goes well with creamy stuff. i gathered that the green pea itself have a light tinge of 'creamy' taste to it. hmm.. try this, remove the green pea skin after you boil it and then mash the green pea through the sift. after that, eat it. what do you think?

hmm.. i wonder if anyone has ever come up with a green pea cake.. it should be nice :p


ice said...

I remember the KFC vege salad too. It's my fav with the sweet peas and crunchy turnips. It's really a pity they discontinued it.

claudine said...

I feel it's better than the coleslaw... and thought they should retain the vege salad instead.. sighz, real pity!! :s