Sunday, July 05, 2009

Onizuka Tiger

Chanced by this pair of Onizuka Tiger Injector DX on Friday when i walked into Star 360 @ Raffles City Shopping Centre. They were having a moving out sale and EVERYTHING must go!

The sale must have gone on for at least a week, coz there werent many Onizukas left. By the way, they were selling all onizukas @ $80 a pair and i wished i had chanced on this sale MUCH MUCH earlier. I would have been the owner of a couple of pairs of onizukas coz there was 1 pair i eyed for quite sometime but would never pay the price for it.

upclose looking at the peeling scaly surface

This pair i got, apparently the original price is $234, not sure if it's true or not but i think the scaly design is pretty darn cool. not your normal girly types, and it's supposed to be unisex. i guess it doesn't matter. i even told cece i may never wear this pair. the only way to wear these i figured is to wear with a pair of unfolded jeans. (yeah, my jeans are folded to look like 3/4s coz i was too lazy to go alter the length.) which thankfully i still have a pair which i bought from Uniqlo from Japan many years back.

Will see when's the right time to wear it..

it's not a limited edition when i asked the sales person, but he said they don't produce these kind of materials or design already. so i decided i need no further reasons, i'd just get it even though it's a size bigger. in fact, i nearly wanted to get a pair of adidas, love the colour but pity the pair on display have been subjected to much wear and tear that it looked different from the other side. oh well, i just saved $92 from not buying that pair of adidas.

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