Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

i had an interesting encounter when i bought the cakes and tarts that day. a Caucasian man was in the deli the same time as i was. he's prolly in his 40s and his name is Joe. we didn't formally introduce, but started chatting coz we were both having a hard time to decide what to get for that day.

the cakes were tempting. very very. though there werent exactly that many to choose from, but i had a hard time deciding. he asked what kind of cakes i like, i told him i wasn't a chocolate fan and prefer sourish stuff. he asked if i have had rhubarb before. i told him no but i have come across this word. he said that it's a root and has a very tart taste to it. he's also curious how it will taste with the strawberry and all.

so in the end, i got this and expected it to be sourish. hmm.. it wasn't. in fact the rhubarb was the filling for the tart and it tasted like hmm.. mashed tapioca? i like the strawberries and the blueberry though. so sweet!!!! first time i tasted sweet strawberries and blueberries on cakes/tarts. nice!

however, the tart was only so so. perhaps my expectations were too high. i expected it to be super sour but it was sweet. probably i had a sourish craving that day. nevertheless, i'd prolly get another cake the next time. it was a tough choice between this and the passion fruit cake i last had.. now it won't be so difficult. heh heh.

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