Monday, May 18, 2009

sometimes III

i thought i had the title 'sometimes' a couple of times, seems like this is only the 2nd 'sometimes' i have written so far. but i've put the title as 'sometimes III' coz i was lazy to change the previous title..

i've labeled 'sometimes' as gibberish and thoughts. today, my thoughts flowed to these.

i wish i have the capability
to churn out words
words which can make you feel better
words which can help banish your frustrations

i wish these words
can come out in a flash
every word appropriate
each time making you smile

pity comforting words
don't come out easy from my mouth
pity these words
are usually typed and sent out

but i can listen
and a good listener i am
though i usually come out with silly suggestions,
funny facial expression

it's all in the hope that i can

help you feel better
help you smile
let you know that it's all worth while

unfortunately, i'm not the best
unfortunately, i think i make things worst sometimes

that's why i wish
and i'm wishing really hard
that i can get the words right
to lift your heavy heart..

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