Monday, May 11, 2009

23rd of May

this day would have a couple of things happening.

'natural disaster' as CH terms it when i told him it's my Saturday morning duty and at the same time i have to go back to office during midnight to do some testings which can only be done after midnight.

hmm.. not that i mind, actually i am quite looking forward to that day. afternoon in fact. why? Coz i'm going for my first ever foodie event which is for food bloggers only!

it's going to be held at Gunther's @ purvis street which is near my work place. for $45 nett, i'd be able to savour 2 starters, pasta, dessert and coffee/tea. I've checked out Gunther's' website and am intrigued by the menu. so just nice after Sat duty i can hop on by to purvis street. incidentally, i'm sure i must have passed by the place quite a couple of times and must have seen it. but i guess it's the intimidating classy look of the place as such, the thought of going in never cross my mind. i'm much happier settling for Shinryoku, if i am not wrong should be just across the street.

more about Gunther's here.

i think i'd enjoy the meal. Good, at least there's something to look forward to amidst these crazy times..


jenny tham said...

i've been to gunther's....
yummy french food!!
the degustation menu is heavenly, do try that when u have the chance!

claudine said...

wahh really?!?! hehe okie okie.. :) i'd blog about it after my meal!! when are u coming back?