Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hot X buns

hmm.. don't misread the title. you'd know this nursery rhyme...

hot x buns
hot x buns
one a penny,
two a penny,
hot x buns

errr.. reading it a typing it with an adult mind, can't help but read deeper! haha anyway, i had the good fortune to eat freshly baked hot cross bun this morning! I had wanted to stop by Cedele to get their hot cross buns because last week's Urban actually featured it. Then i received Ray's sms to go up and get the bun! Wahhhh.. i immediately zipped up!

nevermind i already made my sandwich, hehe i am now a fan of Soo Kian's baking!! Hehe, i am hungry for more! Will add on to this entry over the weekend with photos. :D

Thanks Soo Kian for another yummy morning breakie!! made my day!! hehe!!

* * *

so the weekend has arrived early and here are the pics of the bun.

see the plump juicy raisin?!

the appearance looks quite different from the normal hot cross bun i think? not sure, i haven't exactly ate a hot cross bun before. anyhow's soo kian's bun had lots of fillings like raisins and grains and nuts. i like!! next time i must buy better teas so that i can indulge in the yummy bread/buns she makes!! at the same time, let time slow down and get a short minute break from the crazy stuff at work. oh and i think the 'cross' tasted like the pineapple tart pastry worr..

looking forward to more bread on weds mornings!! :D

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