Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sandwich breakie to beat the Monday Blues

due to yesterday's overwhelming heatwave which hit my head badly, i forgot to get a couple of ingredients from Jasons. After having kopi with LC and rojak sesh at OAR she tompang me to Parkway Cold Storage. Price difference between Jasons and CS is about 30 cents. I bought the following in the supermart.

1) Philly Smoked Salmon cheese spread (which i totally heart for the longest time)
2) Honey Baked Ham
3) Royal White Bread by Gardenia
4) Passion fruit

I bought all my salad leaves yesterday. Romania, baby spinach and Red Coral lettuce.

my plan for Monday was to make sandwiches and a side salad to accompany it. i found out later, i was too ambitious, i've plucked too many romania lettuce leaves and the whole sandwich got more leaves than ham even though i've already put in two slices. Actually, the 'butcher' at Cold Storage gave me the different one which i wanted. they apparently had two types of honey baked ham, i guess the ones i wanted was the shaved ones. Reason for choosing the shaved ones is coz they are lighter? can anyhow arrange? and gives you different amount of ham in a mouthful. i dunno why i so polite, i actually ok-ed that he gave me the nicely sliced ones.. arghh... i feel so like a 'carrot' again.. tmd!

the photos documents the whole process. not easy to take pics and make the sandwich within a short span of time to ensure the freshness of the ham. Somehow, i managed. Off to the pictorials.

Romania lettuce, mini plum tomatoes, Philly smoked salmon cheese spread and honey baked ham

Gardenia's take on thick Japanese bread?

spreaded just enough cheese to cover the entire two thick slices of bread

stacking 'em up!

err, see what i mean that lettuce more than ham? i omitted the salad and made it into dinner

i think i don't have to eat lunch tomorrow. oh another reason why i wanted to make the sandwich? So that i don't become 'carrot' again and get 'chopped' by Simply Sandwich coz something like that may have cost erm $7??.. :p

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