Friday, March 27, 2009

home early on a Friday night

i'm home early today for the following reasons:

1) Cece couldn't meet up coz she got lots of stuff to clear

2) I couldn't meet Cece coz last night my swelling bottom right wisdom tooth gum was hurting more so i told her i was going to visit the dentist

3) dentist i didn't go, didnt even call to make appointment. the swell went down and it feels less painful, i was lucky.

4) i was extremely tired. for the first time this year, i yawned more than 30 times today. i hardly yawn so much in a day regardless at work or home.

either i was lacking oxygen, or it must be all thanks to the tiramisu last night.

yesterday, i was having happy hours drinks @ paulanars with a group of gal pals i haven't met for the longest time. thereafter, i left them and headed to mustafa but first for dinner.

we were around Jalan Besar. neither of us knew where it was located nor the name. he only told me it served pasta.. since i don't really know the area well, i just followed him. so we walked (me in my uber high heels for the day), along uneven pavements, siaming potted plants, tables and cars. it probably didnt seem the case, but i definitely found it a challenge and i was super worried that i'd sprain my feet. haha! Thankfully, the walk went ok and i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the signage!

ad hoc, unknown and after a long walk on a hot thursday night, we reached PASTA INC which was on my TTT (things to try) list! seriously unexpected but was absolutely delighted, i think i squealed slightly! never exactly thought that i'd be there actually.

the entrance were glass doors darken with a layer of blackish/brownish film and we couldn't exactly see inside. a guy opened the door and welcomed us in. the place was small there was a big group of about 10 or 12 gals celebrating someone's birthday. two couples and 2 empty tables - one for 2 and the other for a group of 4. so we took the table for two and were promptly given the menu.

it was actually quite dark coz there was minimal light erm from a rather large chanderlier which i like (coz it was black) and the rest came from flickering tea lights. i can't say it's cosy because the ceiling's pretty high. there was some sort of emptiness in fact maybe coz they arranged a big table for the big group. anyhow, the ambience was quite nice and soothing, very comfortable. i love the chairs too! provided good support, upholstered with soft leather (if i didnt remember wrongly) and very bouncy too!

i had to go to the ladies coz had a bit too much beer. Was told the restrooms were in the other arched door way covered by red velvet curtains. drawing the curtains presented me with another dining area which i very much prefer. about 1/3 the size of the main dining area, it managed to squeeze in quite a few seats! this is what i call cosy! walking pass the area i went down a few cement steps and reached the kitchen area. Man.. was it hot and stuffy! directly opposite the kitchen was two long cemented tables and seats. damn cool i like, but i think it's for staff. from there, it was only a short walk to the restroom.

i love the restroom! hah! old as it is - think aluminum doors with hooks to lock the door but they are painted a classy matte black, shiny white tiles and partial aluminum flooring. what is not old about the loo is that there is a very happening shower head (for shower?) and very ample space! NICE!!

what appealed to me was also the wash basin. instead of normal taps, the owner replaced it with a uber huge shower head! it's bigger than my head for sure. so fun washing my hands underneath it! hehe :) there were money plants (i think) to add some natural greenery to the area. silly as it sounds, i was so excited i asked him to check out the restroom too :p! haha

we ordered the Nero di seppia - Squid ink spaghetti and i think seafood carbonara linguini. the SIS was delish, i leave you to check out the comments of this dish at the Hungry Go Where website.

i love the texture of the spaghetti, it's the best i have ever eaten so far. springy, has the just right softness, got a good feel when chewed and perfectly smooth when swallowed. i can eat two plates of this or any dish with this amazing spaghetti. didn't try the carbonara coz didn't think it will be fair to eat anything else after eating the SIS. i am only intrigued by what's the reddish/orangey oil spots though. could it be that they blended sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil and thus the slight sourish taste to the sauce? next time i will ask.

we went for tiramisu for dessert. lucky us, it was freshly made that day! Keith (if i am not wrong) told us that they keep the tiramisu max for 3 days and if not sold they will throw away and make new ones.

my conclusion? i like but not heart coz no alcohol... but the strong coffee more than made up for the zlich liquor. so strong until i cannot sleep last night and thus causing me to yawn and yawn like siao today. the fresh cream on top was light, fluffy totally melt in my mouth. mmmm.. but the funny thing about the tiramisu was the top layer of sponge cake quite difficult to 'break' apart leh. i don't mean it's hard, it's just doesn't 'break' away willingly from the main piece. the middle layer just keeps dripping coffee!! overall ok but not fantastic for me.

service was excellent, friendly, very knowledgeable and also very prompt. i don't think they are waiters waiters kind. must be high level management mingling with the customers asking for their opinions about the dishes. there were no airs and what impressed me when i asked them about their 3 selected dishes which are part of this 100 signature dish award, Keith (if i am not wrong, yet again) introduced us to two of the 3 dishes (coz the 3rd dish was SIS).

Nevermind that i didnt remember what he was talking about other than 1 being a veal dish in some herby sauce, the other being lamb shanks cooked dunno how, i was impressed by the way he made sure he made eye contact with both of us when explaining. Usually you don't get this from a normal waiter. so i think he must be one of the bosses if not at least management level person. the other two who served us were equally impressive. should the restaurant really takes off to newer heights one day, i hope they inculcate such a culture and service level to their staff. Customers will definitely appreciate it!

i definitely will go back again and bring my camera then. hmm.. i just wonder when will be the next time be though...

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