Sunday, February 01, 2009

An additional resolution and a new family project

hmm.. when i thought of blogging this hectic period, i dunno where to start. it's been a crazy food eating spree since monday. i think i only managed to take a break on thurs, then it's off to more food on friday and sat. despite stuffing myself with goodies and non goodies (well not all restaurants churned out the yummiest food) the most important thing that i will remember for this CNY is that it brought the cousins closer.

you see, i have this tendency of doing disappearing acts for ions and i am pretty good at that. i believe this comes naturally after certain events which happened in my life over the years. it becomes easier to let go of strings attached and once the decision is made, the disappearing comes almost instantaneously. i find it incredible too! i guess sometimes i can be pretty hard hearted which i believe is some form of protection.

in any case this year, i will add another new year resolution.

to communicate and stay in touch with my family and extended family members on a regular basis. if not weekly, at least monthly.

basically, i kinda doubt it's going to be difficult. because of the most pathetically served food during CNY dinner on the first day, a couple of the cuz have come up with a plan that we will source for a good restaurant in 2010. Along with that, we are also thinking of revolutionalising our yearly CNYE dinner as well.

Think - for almost 25 years (for myself at least), we have been eating the same type of steamboat each and every year. Well, not that it's not delish, it's just that, we are thinking it should come with something different next year. This is likely to be challenging not only coz we are thinking of making an exceptional dish call 'orh nee' (sweet yam paste with ginko nuts and pumpkin) during the next CNYE dinner. We managed to get the recipe and now just need some practise. We have also to consider the tastes of our parents as well as ensuring that the food prepared are healthy and suitable to their taste. We kinda have to keep in mind that they have been having the same dishes for even longer than us and old tastes as with old habits die hard.

so Project 爱 has just completed its first brain storming sesh. committee members will reconvene on feb 28 for further discussion. we'll see how it goes. interesting as well as exciting. cool! :)

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