Saturday, January 10, 2009

mascara madness

you know a product is good if every store you go to was supposed to carry it but you just cannot find it. that's after visiting like 3 stores and you still cannot find it. now this means that either people find the product so darn bloody good thus stocking it up or that word of mouth have spread like wild fire!

so just what product am i talking about?? it's this mascara from the brand Majolica Majorca which is a sub-brand from Shiseido. Visit the webbie. it's very whimsical, pretty, Victorian-ish and interactive to a certain extend.

anyway, as i was saying, the mascara's name is Lash Gorgerous Wing. When i saw the photo of the model who supposedly applied this mascara, i knew i had to get my hands on it! i read it on separate reviews and all raved about it. since office had two Watsons branches (yes, only available at Wastons outlets) i thought it should not be difficult.

Unfortunately, i was so darn wrong. the brand is so popular that the products on the shelves are almost bare for the marina square branch as for the suntec one, though they had stocks they didnt have the LGW mascara. those testers didnt really look promising and almost sad.

a little background on this mascara as to why it works wonders is because it has these micro-fibre strands in the mascara which enhances short, stumpy eye lashes and makes normal eye lashes soft and fluffy (from what i see in the model's pic).

I'm not new to these mascara. in fact, i got this really cheap mascara (my favorite brand which does not have a name except a 4 petal flower as its logo) ions ago in Japan at their 100 yen shop and it already has those micro fibres and off the shelves brand are boasting lash enhancing mascaras with zlich fibres and dunno what they put inside which never enhances the length of the lashes.

the 100 yen mascara with micro fibres

another product is the step by step smokey eye look eyeshadow. basically it tells you which of the four colours on the eyeshadow palette to put on first to give you that look. it was out of stock in suntec, but finally available in Marina Square. Red Earth used to have one and it was amazing!

the pretty packaged step by step smokey eyeshadow palette

at the end of yesterday, i bought the 'sad' looking mascara for the price of $25.90, hoping that it was good to a certain extend and the eyeshadow with the colours i like. i don't think my lashes will look soft and fluffy like those of the model coz i tried it yesterday but i'm hopeful about the eyeshadow.

the other type of mascara which the brand sells

now i am wondering how many singaporean women got their hands on this mascara, they are so darn freaking heng.. tmd.

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