Friday, January 23, 2009

dinner with the girls

how long has it been? these days we hardly gather for dinner or drinks. no one jio people to come out to celebrate the coming of the weekend. so yesterday's small meeting between Jenny, Cece and me was precious. small as the group may be, we were looking back during the crazy uni days where we did the craziest things and had the funniest moments. what was served during dinner didnt matter, we sat in Double Bay for i think about 4 hours or more reminiscing the good old days.

it was nostalgic really. we haven't look back to those days for quite sometime. good food or not, we sure laughed like mad, catch up on the latest gossips and updates of one another's life. spending time like these are made difficult in that Jenn's away in Hong Kong, Cece and me busy with work though we try to come out every Friday when she's not having exams. JY and Ann occasionally when they have the time.

glad we met up and had perhaps a partial good meal? We laughed about our experiences with budget airlines and flights in general eg, cece and me doing the amazing race to catch our flight twice. think Vietnam and Bangkok. For me, the trip to taiwan was no different. we nearly missed our flight!! Jenn's episodes of non wellness when boarding the plane.. hee :D

i had a great time babes, hope you both too. next meet up, CNY celebrations @ SK Chalet?? Hmm.. Mdm Chang, if u read this entry, please respond when we can visit hor!!! :D

below the pics of the food we ate.

Jenn came back with bad tummy coz of the raw oyster she ate prior to coming back. so she ordered a cesear salad which i thought looked pretty tempting coz of the poached egg. alas, she didn't finish coz she didnt feel well still.

kurobuta pork belly

i liked the sweet sour apple raisin sauce with sundried tomatoes. it was zesty and very appetizing. the pork, hmm tasted like the normal roast pork we eat @ roast meat stalls in hawker centres. the skin was crispy, the meat tender, the fats was it.. hmm non existent or i was just fooling myself? hahah.. one thing for sure it's not that bad. oh another thing to mention is the dressing for the salad. i think they melted some scs butter into the dressing and it smells damn good and mix pretty well with the vege!

beer batter barramundi

when the F&C appeared, we were skeptical. reason being, the batter looked too dark. it took quite a while for the mains to arrive also. we had to ask the waiter what happened to our dishes. after asking, the mains arrived. i like my barramundi. it was moist and juicy. tender and flaky. it wasn't too tough when i ate it until i arrive to the end of one portion, the flesh was kinda tough and a little dry. the batter was light and broke into pieces easily when 'attacked' though i can't exactly taste the beer. in all, it was ok food. maybe coz i aint exactly the fish and chips person. Also served were 3 kind of sauces on the side for the customer to try, i like the one in the middle - vinegar. i skipped most of the tartar sauce and occasionally dipped the ketchup for the chips. the same side salad repeated itself in the F&C.

Lemon meringue pie

it was recommended by many people and so cece and i decided to try even though cece much prefer chocs related dessert. hee. first bite i thought the lemon was tad sour and smelt like the lemon cream in those kong guan biscuits. the meringue was soft and fluffy which was different from my initial idea of meringue. the ice cream was vanilla bean and i thought there wasn't much punch perhaps coz it was from haato as one blogger mentioned? i ate almost the whole pie coz it got really addictive. cece stopped at 1 quarter. not exactly super for me.

time to head to elsewhere in search of more yummy food.

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