Monday, January 26, 2009

craving ~ ~

i'm craving for ice cream. particularly the ice cream from Raffles Creamery. Hmm.. this was after the topic of ice cream was being brought up at the below 35 table during CNYE dinner. actually i already had the craving yesterday, just that i was lazy to make any moves.

so i just went to surf the site and saw that it's open daily worr.. hmm.. i wonder if it's worth making the trip tomorrow. hmm.. quoting from the site:

'Every creation is a work of art. Have our ice-cream "artists" entertain you as they whip up your chosen combinations on cold marble, teppanyaki-style. The result - smooth, creamy ice cream blended with your choice of mix-ins for your enjoyment.'

the one i ordered the other day wasn't teppanyaki-ed leh.. damn, kenar conned by the apnn at work that day?

tmr if i go down, i make sure it's teppanyaki for me.

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