Thursday, December 11, 2008

wasabi tei

so i said i was going to blog about die die must go Wasabi Tei for the long awaited Chirashi Don and i really did go on the day when i was going for spa. Even though i knew i was going for my spa sesh after the meal and i should not eat too much before a spa sesh, i couldn't help it. i needed to head to the shop and just try it out! Oooohhh... and seriously, it was worth it. but luckily, i didnt puke after my spa sesh albeit i felt the meal coming up my throat.

the chopstick wrapper. simple but packs a punch.. erm i mean the meal

the zhao cai neko! so cute and it just made me want to take a pic!

the appetizer for the day is jellyfish and scallop wings

ahhh.. the long awaited CHIRASHI DON!!

to continue, don't expect a uber chic looking restaurant, in fact, it is a small humble shop which can only accomodate 16 people at any one time. it looks like an authentic japanese restaurant which you see in Japan. the sitting arrangement is designed in a U shape manner. the centre is where the chef cuts his sashimi, wash the plates, prepare the raw food. behind the centre isle is where all the hot food is being prepared.

the shop is run by a couple about 50 years of age. the chef is a rather stern looking man, who never smile/talk/even make a sound. he somehow reminds me of Yuen Ping (the guy who acted as Stephen Chow's dad in Kungfu Hustle) he just quietly prepares his food, makes a 'tud' sound with every dish served and he is pretty much focused on delivering the dishes to the customers and nothing else. his wife helps clean up the table, wash the dishes and gets your bill.

The chef is generous with the size of the sashimi served. though they are bite size pieces, they come in a thickness of about 2cm some about 2.5cm which means that you can either put the whole piece into your mouth at one go or choose to savour it. well, i did the latter and felt that i was in heaven with every bite taken despite the fact that i was actually rushing for time.

to tempt you further, in the don, you get the following:

3 slices of hamachi
4 slices of salmon
2 slices of tuna
2 slices of another dunno what fish
1 tamago
1.5 teaspoon of ikura
1.5 teaspoon of ebiko
2 slices of japanese yello pickle
1 slice of cucumber
a generous serving of seaweed
lots of pickled ginger
a dollop of wasabi
an a serving of rice which makes the whole meal just nice

the raw fish is really fresh. i know it is fresh when i bite into them and in return you get a crunchy feel to the meat and how firm each slice is. The crispness of each slice is to die for! that's how sashimi should taste like! the ikura does not have an overtly fishy taste and they burst in tasty delish juice in your mouth when you bite them. Given the price you pay is only $22, it's distracting and makes one forget to remember to savour the sweetness and yumminess of the whole meal!!

together with the meal, they serve miso soup and fruits after the meal. the don is actually $20 and the additional $2 is for the drinks. you can either choose green tea (refillable), soft drinks or mineral water.

it's really very simple. no frills. for the price it's definitely worth going back for the rest of the items which the restaurant serves! I saw many customers ordering the grilled items, i believe they must be delish. smells so good and look oh so crispy! I should go with more people, but seats are limited and subject to long queue depending on what time of the day it is and how lucky you are. i was there at lunch time and before me there were 5 people, but coz i was there alone, i managed to get a seat when one person left! my advise is, don't go in a big group. 2 is a good number and 3 would prolly be risking it. any number more than that, you either have to sit at different seats or give up waiting ba!

i want to go back soon!! Ann.. this is a good recommendation!!! :D thanks!

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