Sunday, August 03, 2008

humming terms

cece and me headed to Newton to satisfy our hum cravings on Friday. We were pretty into it ordering a plate of $8 and thereafter $5. the diminishing returns definitely set in after eating half of the $5 plate. i think i will abstain from hums for like a month or so. depending if anymore craving sets in..

whilst we were enjoying our hums, a couple of terms came up thanks to cece hmm.. just happened to be wondering as i am typing if she it was due to getting high on hums, though i guess not. she's been pretty or should i say even more witty these days.

so she came up with these terms which were hilarious.

'HOT HUM' - simply means that the cockles were hot off the boiling water. we think the uncle only poured the hot water over the cockles and it was done within 3 seconds! that's prolly coz we ordered the hum to be half cooked and we want to see blood. haha.. that's close to raw actually, but definitely bloodily yummy!!

'RUAN (3rd level of pronunciation in the hanyu pingying scale) HUM' - literally translated to say 'soft' hum. Obviously, cockles are soft. so cece didnt mean to say the cockle's soft. Quoting her, she said that '我不吃软hum' which is similar to '我不吃软饭'. She said this coz i was de-shelling a particularly difficult cockle for her and giving it to her, then she came up with that sentence. Cool eh? :)

dinner was great and would be better if we both mentioned to each other that a bottle of beer would complete the night prior to our date with THE DARK KNIGHT. hehe oh wellz, dinner was still good and the date was excellent!

looking forward to digging mummies next Friday with her as well as heeding some funny advice from the love guru with a funny guy. haha.. hopefully mon to thurs wouldn't end up killing me already.. :p

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