Wednesday, August 01, 2007

mid week movie

went to watch 'Order of the Phoenix' with the bros just and i like the movie. the pace was a tad slow in the beginning but turned out faster midway. i thought i didn't read the book, actually i did and i just didn't remember the story very well. long has it been since i read the book? Ages i presume. No wonder i kept wondering why Sirus Black was still alive when i watched the 'Goblet of Fire'..

oops, did i let out a spoiler for those who haven't watched it? ahh...but if you had been a potter fan, you'd have known wouldn't you.

i liked it that i vaguely remembered the story and most of which i forgotten. coz it's like not much expectations and slightly nostalgic. nice! now, i can start reading 'Half Blood Prince' and subsequently 'the death hollows' hmm..was that the title?

with knowledge comes expectations which can go beyond imagination.

heh, came up with that just now.

oh, and i have been surfing sites for cupcake recipes and chanced upon this one which i think is the best cupcake blog so far! I'm inspired to bake this Sunday. Let me get the ingredients and take some pics of the process. heh~

gotta go, my left shoulder's been aching since last week. sighz... the result of the aging process?

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