Sunday, August 12, 2007

catching up..

MIA-ed for sometime. gosh, it's been that long.

so what's the update?

hmm...been pretty busy at work of late. project has been launched, just that there are few hiccups here and there, coupled with BAU stuff and also the King's been away for compliance coz his newborn baby boy (whose absolutely adorable and very handsome!! Pic next time). i guess one can imagine the workload which piled up. anyway, i think it's gonna get better for the week coming coz the King's coming back and i guess we should be ok.

been also busy making reservations and planning with the girls about accommodations and transportation for our Spain trip. I guess we managed to secure quite nice places, just hope and cross fingers that they are as nice as they are on the pics. by the way, the ferry ride to Ibiza from Valencia totally freaked us out! it's a whopping 83 euros!! *jaws dropped* and we were close to staying in a castle coz we thought we really got a good bargain! but in the end, due to some miscomm, we decided to forgo staying in the castle and stay in a cheaper 'hotel' in Cuenca where one of the world heritage site is..the Hanging Houses. It's 38 Euros for a double with washbasin. So i guess, not being able to stay in the castle could be a blessing in disguise.

so we've got our accommodation set and important transportation booked. we should be fine when we reach Spain. really excited and cannot wait!

and prior to spain, i'm zipping off to Bangkok for a company offsite. Hmm..wont have much to spend, i'd prolly take this trip to make full use of my Dslr and learn more about it. also to find interesting Pocky flavours and cheap haversack in chatuchak?

Talking about Pocky, i visited Yamakawa. Nope, didn't buy the whole shop coz they are a 'cash only' shop whereas, i'm a 'credit card only' kinda gal. I was a bit disappointed though, they didn't exactly have a lot of things i've never seen before. i was expecting tidbits i've yet to discover, but unfortunately, most i've seen. those i've never seen didn't exactly made me wanna buy them. so i still think Isetan supermart is the best. then again, most of the interesting stuff could have gone out of stock coz Urban wrote about it just this Thurs. maybe a lot of people had already visited the shop? I'd make another trip another time. hopefully, it's gonna be more promising then.

Been caught up reading books as well. Gonna finish 'Turning Thirty' in another couple of chapters. Not bad, can really identify with the characters in the book. Seems like life as an adult doesn't really differ much wherever you are. though there's this quote from the book which i really like.

'when you have friends cornering you, anything is possible.' true, how true indeed..

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