Sunday, July 08, 2007


we were our own bartenders on Friday. we didn't have the right equipment nor the right liquors, but we went ahead.

so we tried the lychee martinis which is supposed to be shaken and not blended. but it turned out ok except that the lychee liquor was not available so it wasn't that strong.

we did the margaritias, hmmm...the mixer was overly sour, but there's still a bit of resemblance.

we also tried the lingoberry volka mix, it's nice, i like. not as sour as cranberry volka and it's delightfully sweet. haha

turns out JY has a knack with bartending. he's like churning out jugs and jugs of cocktails. haha perfecting them each time. looks like we are prolly gonna have more bartending fun soon! Anddddd....i've found out where to get the shakers and some professional bartending equipment, heh. Thanks to Huiling! Shall go check it out soon! yay!!

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