Thursday, May 17, 2007

[surely] [hopefully] [maybe]

Surely, this would be the one and only time when i'd be so sick for the year 2007!

i have been coughing since last thurs and it's been a week! doc supposedly gave me medication which will help get the phlegm out of my throat, but it's not making progress at all! i am coughing my lungs out but no phlegm!!?? WTF?!! even when there is the tiny weeny feeling that there's some phlegm, the sticky, stubborn and disgusting slime never seems to want get out of its comfort zone.

and that's when my throat tickles and i start to cough again.

this totally sux!

can't exactly distinguish if it's the heaty cough or the chilly cough. but it definitely seems like the latter. hopefully, this will be gone soon (within another week?) for i really cannot take the medication which the doc had prescribed. it's freaking tough to swallow, especially the cough syrup! it's supposedly cherry flavored, trust me, none of it tastes like cherry! in fact, it's darn bloody bitter and the bitterness lingers, never exactly disappears and worse of all, it spreads throughout your tongue!

yucks x ~!!

if the cough continues, i think i really have to start wearing mask coz my whole unit seemed to have caught the cough bug!

maybe i can start eating KFC again? chicken rice perhaps? hmmm...i am craving for some chips! Erm, the boxes of snacks in my room and on my office table are soooo tempting!! Gosh, i wanna eat ice cream!! i wanna drink bubble tea! i miss my daily coffee fix!! Curry, prata, spicy food!! Loads of chill on my bah chor mee!!


This abstinence is driving me nuts!!

Arghhh, i want to eat peanuts too!!


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