Tuesday, May 22, 2007

japanese tea treats and snacks

of late, my craze - shopping for Japanese snacks and tidbits.

1/6 of my station is occupied by these snacks!! they are sooo tempting! I only added a few this morning and tomorrow morning i'd have more!! just went shopping with SC @ Isetan Scott's supermart. I think i should take a pic of my snack section. coz it's really mean! Haha!

i recently tried this what looks pretty nice and
rather expensive tea treat. sadly, it was quite a disappointment.. cost me about $3.50 for this. i found it too sweet. it's supposedly sakura flavored bean paste something. prior to buying it, i thought it was either a crispy outer shell dessert or a fluffy melt in your mouth kind. ahh...but it was neither. the skin was rather bland and it tasted like cookie on the verge of losing it's crisp. (i meant to say lao hong.) the filling was generous, but awfully sweet for my liking. I aint a sweet tooth gal, more like nut and salt kind. so this dessert failed my taste palette.

Nicely packaged
the very generous filling. Looks good right?

after i groused about my abstinence from the food i so craved for, i had prata, kambing soup and rambutan spin on Friday night. went for a run, played captain's ball and badminton that night @ NIE. after that went to Mr Prata for their famous prata. I kinda preferred their kambing soup and wished i had ordered that instead.

the seafood prata which i thought was rather bland.

the super tasty kambing soup!!

the rambutan spin.. quite sweet actually.

so that night i had my spicy food after one week and i have been eating spicy stuff and fried stuff since. still no phlegm and my coughing's worse today. hmm...i hope it's not some serious illness. perhaps, i should do an x-ray. ahh well, we shall see how.

went to bed half happy and half irritated last night.

happy bec..

irritated bec..

and it means i shall retire early tonight.

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