Tuesday, May 15, 2007

200 - it's all about me being sick

not sure if it's a blessing or not. i've been sick since i got back from Bali.

supposed to be on course today (part 2) but sore throat has gotten worse, more coughing and blocked nose. i kinda felt a bit of a headache coming up.

fever on last Thurs, i felt terrible. got home and covered myself up in a blanket and sweat it out. i felt better in the morning and that's where the rest of the symptoms started to develop.

everything just happened one after another. but i felt great when i was in Bali. sighz, how interesting it is that the illnesses all come after i came back.

i was able to enjoy myself, but now suffering the consequences. argh!! Getting old i supposed.

and this is my 200th post, pity i have to yak about me being sick.

anyway, nothing much to update. i've been missing out on a lot of things i guess. haven't been doing my sports routines too. getting fat again!

oh, and i think my blog's becoming overly fanciful to the extend that my comp has to work doubly hard to load the page. erm, i hear super loud 'fan' sound when it's loading the page. So i decided to take away the horoscope thingy which i thought was quite lousy and maybe upload my pics on yahoo photos. think this will be better.

gonna change the 'bloon' game soon too, though i'm still stuck at a stage. couple of my friends say that it's rather addictive, let's see if the next one is as addictive too. haa~

i shall go rest for now.. the medication is making me drowsy...

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