Thursday, April 26, 2007

good deal!!

met up with JY, Ann and Scottie to discuss about our Bali itinerary at KEN noodles last night.

it's a authentic Japanese Ramen store which sells pretty nice Ramen. The soup base supposedly has been cooked for like 8 hours. I expected it to be full of flavor, but was a pity the taste of flour from the noodles was a bit strong. the serving of char siew was generous and their pickled bamboo shoots was delish. The slices were pretty thick and were full of crunch and it's not too salty.

anyway, this blog isn't about the noodle store. it's about the bargain which we subsequently got after we went to centrepoint!!

there was this perfume fair which was organised by Robinsons. We were attracted by the packaging for the summer edition of issey miyaki's perfume. It's damn pretty! the salesman having noticed that we are big fans started to tell us the promo they were having.

if you purchase $150 and above, you'd get a towel, miniature body mist, shampoo, aftershave and a 5ml vial of the original perfume. On top of that, if you spend $100 and above, you'd get $15 deduction upfront!

woah...good deal we thought!

but...we all preferred the homme version of the summer edition and it was only $83 bucks. so we asked the salesman how?

he was damn generous. we told him we'd buy 3 if he gives each of us the free stuff for buying $150 worth of items. ie, instead of spending $150 x 3, we each get the $83 x 3 as well as the samples meant for $150. he hesitated but went ahead and gave us the items.

so, in the end, JY, Scottie and me paid only $73 for the perfume and got the freebies!!

great deal aint it??

today should be the last day. pity i didn't see the name of the salesman. if you guys are dropping by centrepoint, just go check it out. perhaps you might only want to buy it when it's close to closing time.

that was what we did. heh

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