Wednesday, March 07, 2007

rock you part II

found this webbie when i was surfing Astons', so i decided to give it a try.

it's actually really simple and best of all, you can put all your pics in one slideshow and not count into the total number of pics you can put within a month on Blogger. Plus, you get to personalize it, so it's everything in one package!!

there are other functions you can use from this site and they all make your pics presentation real happening!

really should go try it out, very user friendly and totally not complicated.

hmm..i can't find the lyrics to this song i put up though. quite haunting ain't it? like it a lot though didn't register the lyrics in the song and couldn't find it on the web.

but the title's perfect as the pics are moments which passed us by, just like a flash, if we didn't capture that one moment we had we'll never be able to revisit it again.. though perhaps in our memory but how many moments can we really remember?

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