Saturday, March 03, 2007

of bags and more bags..

i'm crazy about bags of late and it sure is going to be a darn expensive addiction.

started off with the Coach bag i asked Angie to help me get on her trip to San Fran. it looked damn nice at the Coach store in Singapore, and when she brought it back for me, i love it!

everyone said it was nice, i think it's darn awesome!!

and so, off to the website i surfed again, hmm...they have a new collection, but not very eye catching. i decided to check out the store with Sook on Thurs since Li Li said that Jeff was flying to LA and was gonna go Coach to help her find stuff. when we went into the store, woah, i was like i wanna buy everything!! the wristlet with the flower motif i bought, the flower was pink. the singapore version was orange! it's pretty too!! i wanted to get the pouch but i guess it will not be available in US. meaning different countries have different versions of the design.

then i saw this small sling bag, i think only available in Singapore or perhaps asia. I totally love it and i'd prolly be getting it next week. definitely cannot resist.

and i also saw some gucci stuff, a tad expensive but i think i want to get one of the wallets.

i think pink's the colour for me this season coz it seemed to be more appealing than any other colours!!

hmm.. let me go check out the gucci webbie!

and Angie, many thanks to you!!!! haha =)

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